Governor Mark Dayton has proclaimed April 17-23, 2016 to be Water Action Week.  Clean water is important to everyone in Minnesota.  The beauty of our state as well as the quality of outdoor recreation is defined by our wonderful lakes and rivers.  Providing clean, safe drinking water is the most important factor on our public health.  According to the Minnesota Department of Health, up to 10% of out-state Mn wells and several city water municipalities are considered unsafe.  Governor Dayton is proposing a $220 million dollar plan to modernized Minnesota’s aging water infrastructure and protect water quality.

“Many Minnesota communities are facing serious water quality challenges,”  said Governor Dayton. “Without state help, more and more Minnesotans face steep increases in their local water utility bills to pay for clean, safe drinking water.  We can no longer ignore these problems with out states’ water quality.  They are everyone’s challenges and everyone’s responsibility.”

At Minnesota Water, our four filter system provides the cleanest and safest drinking water possible.  The first filter is our Sediment Filter which removes dirt, rust, and silt.  Then our Carbon Block Filter which removes chemicals, solvents, and chlorine.  Next is our 80 Gallon Per Day (GPD) Reverse Osmosis filtration which removes lead, mercury, and arsenic including removal of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).  Lastly goes through our Granular Activated Carbon filter, leaving you with pure drinking water that is free of dirt, chemicals, metals, etc.  Don’t be in the dark as to what lurks in your water.  Call Minnesota Water for your free water test today.