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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Do You Know Where Your Bottled Water Comes From?

The owners of a Chicago plumbing supply store thought they did.

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Misleading Lead Levels

Since the ongoing incident of Flint, Michigan, lead levels in water has been under increased scrutiny.

As Americans, we expect our water to be safe.  We think to ourselves “there are laws and regulations for water quality” so why would we need to worry about what we drink?   As it turns out, we need to do more worrying.  Water regulations have become so relaxed that many water sources around the U.S. SHOULD be considered unsafe, but haven’t gone through the necessary testing yet.  According to a nationwide investigation by USA TODAY NETWORK, over 2000 water systems around the nation were discovered to have lead tainted water. Moreover, 350 of those systems provided water for schools or daycare, and over half of the 350 failed to notify their consumers.

So obviously these companies that failed to notify their consumers were shut down or fixed to provide better quality water, right?  Wrong.  Out of those 180 companies, over half had received citations in the past but continued to the provide tainted water regardless. This is due to the complicated laws and regulations which vary from state to state.  This allows the over 150,000 water system/plumbing companies around the nation to be a fragmented mess of seemingly mixed ethical priorities.

So how can a person or company take action to ensure their water is safe?  Unless you have well water and live far away from a city or industrial area, you’re better off with buying a filtration system that purifies the water AFTER running through the pipelines.  Since the lead piping is the main culprit, cleansing the water afterword will greatly increase its purity.  Therefore, buying a filtration system for at home or in your company is the safest choice.  You can also try to run the water for about 15 seconds before drinking to make sure you rinse out the water that’s been sitting in the pipes.  However, that strategy only helps so much and doesn’t prevent water from sitting in the pipes of your supplier.

The purity of our water has been an overlooked issue for far too long. Be aware, and do your research.  It’s an important issue that companies and the government need to readdress and reassess.  Don’t let the taste mislead you, have your water’s lead levels tested.

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